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Scientific Development of Fitness Plan

Scientific Development of Fitness Plan

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With the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, more and more people are devoting themselves to physical exercise. Some sports experts point out that physical fitness is not a simple jump, but a physical activity that must pay attention to science. To do things blindly and recklessly is contrary to one's wishes, scientific exercise can be safe and efficient, and the basic principles of sports and fitness must be followed. This requires us to formulate a scientific exercise plan based on personal physical condition, physical strength, age and sex, work situation, labor intensity, living conditions and exercise purposes, and to make full preparations before exercise.
First, the purpose should be clear
Before preparing for exercise, we should have a general plan and idea, and make clear the goal of exercise. For example, some people regard exercise as a kind of entertainment in their leisure time, to exercise their muscles and bones, to relax their mood; some people are to rectify the tiny deformities in some parts of the body; some people are to improve their body shape for fitness purposes; some people want to achieve certain physical standards; some people are purely to lose weight; some people want to be a bodybuilder, to participate in bodybuilding performances and competitions; and so on. The purpose is different, the plan is different.
2. Grasp Your Basic Situation
It mainly includes some related indicators of physical health, body type, height and skeleton size, weight and weight, personality characteristics and perseverance, working nature and spare time, etc. Make a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of taking part in exercise, so that the plan is more in line with the actual situation of the individual. You can also find some relevant fitness evaluation websites, these websites are generally more professional, and there are fitness experts to do technical guidance.
3. Exercise venues and equipment
When making exercise plans, we must consider the conditions of the exercise venue and equipment. Whether to train at home or in a nearby gym or gym, we should have a good idea. In this way, according to the conditions, we can work out a feasible exercise plan.
IV. Persistence in a Step-by-Step Way
In order to proceed step by step, the intensity of exercise should be from small to large, constantly improving the requirements on the basis of gradual adaptation of the body, learning movements and mastering techniques should be from easy to difficult, persevering, forming habits and practicing unremittingly until the end of life.